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Virechana Karma

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Virechan is the second among the five karmas of Pancha karma. Virechan karma is to address pitta induced diseases. Excess

bile (pitta) accumulated in liver, small intestine, can

cause skin problems, nausea, jaundice, fever, vomiting etc. 

Virechan is the method of flushing out accumulated pitta dosha elements from the body to create a healthy state.

The person is given snehan (oil massage) and/or swedan (fomentation) early in the

morning before virechan. The person shall not eat any food that can aggravate pitta.

The person is given lot of coconut water in the daytime.

There is a range of purgatives, and the effectiveness varies from mild to strong.

Warm milk, raising, mango juice etc are mild purgatives. Prune flax, dandelion root etc

are moderate purgatives. It can be made powerful by a heavy dose. Senna leaves,

prune, bran, flax seed, root of dandelion, milk with ghee, castor oil, ginger,

triphala, etc can act as virechan substances. The physician chooses a

combination based on the physical conditions of the person.

Virechan is given at the bed time and the results will be visible the next day in the

form of loose motion one or two times. There is however nothing to

worry about loose bowels, as it is part of the cleaning procedure

to expel excess pitta from the system.

Persons suffering from dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting, fever, etc

shall not take this therapy.

The success of virechan also shows more positive mental conditioning.

Positive thoughts and will feel light and confident.

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