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 Abhyangam is an Ayurveda refreshing massage for the body with unique features. It will take some time to finish Abhyangam and certain patience is needed to those who undergo Abhyangam. It’s a complete body massage and really effective. In Ayurveda we gives much priority to Abhyangam in every aspect. It’s very prominent in the Kerala sector. The Abhyangam ensures relax and refreshment to body. Abhyangam is considers as a much valued massage therapy. Abhyangam is a massage therapy with two in one effect. It’s a synchronize massage therapy and it has obtained the international recognition. Medicated herbal oils are used for Abhyangam. It’s very helpful in certain aspect and especially for controlling age process. The Abhyangam massage therapy is very beneficial and definitely it works in the body and prevents degeneration and ceases the aging process. This therapy needs more positions to massage and comparing to other therapies.

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