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Basti Karma


Basti or Vasti is the third karma of Panchakarma in Ayurveda. It is administeredto lower conditions occurred due to the aggravation of vata or vata dosha. Basti or enema therapy involves introduction of medicated oils or medicinal preparation to the rectum. Basti is administered for almost all kinds of vata disorders. It is also used to treat constipation, chest pain, back ache, arthritis, sexual disorders, muscle cramps, headaches, etc

Basti is further divided into eight types, they are:

  • Anuvasana (oil enema) used to treat pure vata disorders.

  • Niruha Ashthapana (decoction enema) is used to address conditions like nervous diseases, fever, certain urinary problems, acidity, etc.

  • Uttara Basti (basti through the upper side or sexual organs) is to treat sexual disorders. Semen, ovulation disorders are treated. This therapy is not for persons with diabetes.

  • Matra Basti (daily oil enema) is for persons continuing too much physical exertion like walking too much, lifting heavy objects, indulgence in sexual activities, and for persons with chronic vata aggravation related disorders. It gives the person strength and helps in elimination of waste products quickly.

  • Karma Basti is a schedule of 30 basis.

  • Kala Basti – 15 bastis; 10 oil bastis and 5 decoction bastis

  • Yoga Basti – schedule of 8 bastis; 5 oil and 3 decoction

  • Enema is administered in both kalabasti and yogabasti as a combination of both oil enema and decoction.

  • Bruhana Basti (nurtritional enema) is for nourishment to body. Highly nutritive substances like bone marrow soup, shatavari, ashwagandha etc are used.

Oil enema is not directed for persons with diabetes, obesity, digestion problems, cough, etc.

Nutritional enemas are not persons with diabetes, obesity and lymphatic obstruction.

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