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Vamana karma

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Vaman is the method to purify lungs and breathing system to address diseases  like bronchitis, asthma, cough, cold, etc caused due to congestion of lungs and respiratory track.

 Vaman is therapeutic vomiting administered to expel excess kapha dosha

that causes mucus. In the night before vaman, Snehan (oil massage)

and Swedan (fomentation) is given to the person.

 The man is given three-four glassed of salt water. Rubbing the

base of tongue also stimulate vomiting.  Gag reflex at work here.

Many times you can see released of suppressed emotions that were forcefully held back.

The person feels relieved after vomiting, because of the expelling of excess kapha

that accumulated in the body as mucus.The person also shall take certain medication

two-three days before vaman, until the stool becomes loose, or until he feels overly

nauseated. The main aim for the purvakarma is to aggravate kapha,

hence the proposal of kaphagenic food. Vaman is also given in the kapha muhurtha

or kapha time, which is early in the morning.

Vaman is administered for all disorders associated with Kapha.Dizziness,

headache, nausea, are also treated with vaman therapy. Administered carefully,

vaman is the best treatment for all respiratory problems. Only an experienced

Ayurvedic practitionercan recommend the type of vaman karma of panchakarma to a person.

The person will feel instant relief from chest congestion, and will be able to breathe freely.

After vaman, the person has to observe fast until evening, when he is given boiled rice with ghee.

Honey, lime tea, etc are also given in small quantities.

After vaman, the person shall not suppress any natural urges like

urination, defecation, sneezing, belching, etc.

Vaman is not for everyone. Children below age 12 and persons aged 65 or more are not fit for

this kind of therapy. Persons with anxiety, fear, grief, etc too are not fit. Persons with

vata diseases are also not given vaman therapy. Diarrhea, heart diseases,

obesity, etc too prevent the physician from administering vaman.

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